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History - 1914 -1918, the Great War and Jubilee

1904 - 1910, Brother Lionel Walrond MP for Tiverton

On the 13th September 1916 the Lodge celebrated Jubilee, when the Provincial Grand Master and other officers of Provincial Grand Lodge were present. As the country was then engaged in war with Germany it was not practicable adequately to commemorate the occasion.

Minutes of proceedings for the period 1914-1918 give the impression that the Great War made little impact upon the Lodge, but behind each reference to loss sustained by a brother lay great personal grief shared by the brethren in true masonic fashion. The records show that the brethren were liberal in their donations to charities for the relief of Masons and their dependents who suffered as a result of the war; but perhaps the most prominent feature was the frequency of emergency meetings called to initiate, pass or raise a brother about to embark for service abroad. The great activity in this respect had the effect of materially improving the Lodge finances, a deficit in 1915 becoming a substantial surplus in 1918. Very early in the war the brethren were faced with a conflict of loyalty when they were asked to exclude from the Lodge all brethren of alien birth.

1920s, Beck Square and the creation of daughter lodges; the St Andrew in Cullompton and the Vale of Culm in Uffculme